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“I enjoy stand up paddle boarding at home and wanted to experience tobago waves and water the same way. I found SUP Tobago on the internet and they were also recommended by friends in Trinidad so I subsequently spent 3 days with them in a variety of SUP related adventures.

First of all was teaching two friends how to SUP and Duane had two good beginner boards for the girls. They learned and surprisingly didn’t even fall once which I found mischievously disappointing.

The second was a surf session on waist to head high waves. Awesome. This was beyond my expectations of finding surfable waves. We started at dawn to avoid the winds that typically come up later in the day. The boards and paddles were above average: 9’8″ JP Australia boards. The break was about 1.5 kilometers off the beach and we had it all to ourselves. There are lots of surf spots many perfect for SUP. I understand there is always a wave here but there is an on season and an off season.

The last day was a two hour coastal cruise sprinkled with a few tiny waves. The wind had come up so the offshore break was out of the question. Great exercise and reefs and sight seeing along the coast.

As always it is mother nature that deserves 99% credit with amazing caribbean clear water with coral reefs and lots of marine life. The water temp and air temp are very comfortable. I didn’t get cold even while snorkeling nor overheated when paddling hard. I saw turtles, rays, snapper and lots of other reef fish. All in fairly shallow water. Sunscreen is essential.

Expert local advice (and equipment) is essential and Duane lives the life here. A waterman and fitness coach and extremely capable. According to the tide, wind and waves he gave us options that worked great including what to avoid depending on the conditions. He was on time (even at 6AM) and informative, giving up a lot of the inside knowledge of the place while encouraging safe exploration and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to go back in the winter for some more waves. ”

Sup Surfing and Cruising

“I traveled to Tobago for a wedding and tried to find surf the whole time. sadly I timed it in a way that put me in Tobago at a time where the world class surf was not present; however, I was determined to find surf. After lots of discouragement I finally found stand-up paddle Tobago and specifically Duane Kenny, whose name was coming up as an island legend amongst the small surfing community. I told him my adventure and he guaranteed me surf. Duane did not disappoint. he took me to a reef in the middle of the ocean to find what seemed like the only break on the island. epic experience. not to mention Duane was the best guide anyone could ask for. he was more of a friend than a guide, and I left the island with 2 surf buddies ( his friend Andrew included) who guaranteed me world class surf the next time I come back. overall I would recommend stand-up paddle Tobago to anyone and everyone who wants an unforgettable experience”
I spent a week trying to find this guy and I was not disappointed!

“What a great way to get a tan, get some exercise, take in the awesome views/scenery, and do something fun and memorable with people you love. Had a fun session with Duane and my best girlfriend Kath last month, loved it. 5 stars. ”
Stand Up Paddle-tastic

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Stand Up Paddle Experience
You should have been on a stand up paddle board already or done a beginner stand up paddle lesson before learning to stand up paddle surf.
Where do we go?
The conditions on the day will decide where we go, so we will chat about that the day off the lesson. High tide is the best time for surf lessons.
What do I need?
Sun block. A T-shirt or rash guard will also protect you from the sun.

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